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dunhuang yardang national geopark

Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark is like a really big playground, but instead of swings and slides, it has a special kind of rocks called yardangs. These rocks are shaped like tall walls, and they are made by the wind blowing sand around for a really long time.

When you visit the geopark, you can climb on the yardangs and explore the different shapes and sizes. Some of them even look like animals or people! You can also learn about how they were formed by watching videos and talking to people who know a lot about rocks.

But be careful when you visit the geopark, because it can get really hot and there are not a lot of trees or shade. Make sure to wear sunscreen, bring plenty of water, and rest in the shade if you get too hot. And always remember to follow the rules and stay safe while you have fun exploring the amazing yardangs!