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dunk tank

A dunk tank is a fun game that you might see at fairs, carnivals, or parties where people throw balls at a target to try to dunk someone sitting in a big tank of water. The tank sits above a pool of water, and the person who gets dunked falls into the pool below.

To play this game, someone must be chosen to sit in the tank, which is usually a teacher, a principal, or a friend. They will sit on a seat that is connected to a plank that holds a target in front of them. This target is usually a bullseye or a character that people aim at using balls.

People must aim at the target with a ball and try to hit it. When they hit the target, some mechanism releases the seat from the plank, and the person sitting on it falls and lands in the water.

What is really fun about the dunk tank is that the person who is sitting in it often ends up getting wet and splashing everyone around. So, it is a fun way to cool off on a hot day and have a good laugh with friends.
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