ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Eigen-bounce is a fancy term used for explaining a bouncy behavior of some objects. Think of a bouncy ball, when you throw it on the ground, it will bounce back up towards you. Similarly, when you hit a particular object, it can also bounce back up and down a few times before finally settling down. That bouncing back and forth motion is what we call eigen-bounce.

But here's the tricky part: sometimes objects can bounce in strange ways that are tough to measure, control, or predict. This is where the concept of 'eigen-bounce' comes into play.

Imagine that the object you just hit has certain properties, like its shape, weight, and how it's made. These features can affect how the object bounces back and forth, and it can even cause it to bounce in strange or unpredictable ways that we can't easily explain. This bouncing pattern is what we refer to as eigen-bounce.

So, eigen-bounce is just a fancy term that scientists and engineers use to describe how an object can bounce in a particular way based on its unique properties. It's an essential concept for understanding the bouncy behavior of different objects, like balls, cars, buildings, and more.