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enabling act of 1933

Okay kiddo, so imagine you're playing with your toys and you want to do something really cool, like build a giant castle. But right now, your mom or dad is in charge and they won't let you do it because they don't think it's a good idea.

Well, this is kind of like what was happening in Germany in 1933. There was a man named Adolf Hitler who wanted to do some really big and important things for his country, but the people in charge didn't think it was a good idea.

So, Hitler and his friends came up with something called the Enabling Act. This was like a special permission slip that would let them do pretty much whatever they wanted without having to ask permission from anyone else.

The Enabling Act gave Hitler and his government a lot of power. They could make laws without asking anyone else, and they could even arrest people they didn't like. Some people were really scared about what this meant for their country and their own safety.

But Hitler and his followers said that this would be really good for Germany. They thought that they could make big changes that would help the country become strong and powerful again.

So you see, just like how you might ask your parents for permission to do something, Hitler and his government needed permission too, and they got it through the Enabling Act. But sometimes when people have too much power, they can do bad things, and that's what happened in Germany.
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