ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

engine department

The engine department is like the heart of a big boat or ship. It's a group of people who make sure the boat's engine(s) are working properly so the boat can move through the water. Just like how your heart pumps blood to your body so you can move, the engine department helps the boat move by keeping the engine(s) running smoothly.

The engine department has lots of different jobs. Some people are in charge of making sure the engine is fueled properly, just like how your parents make sure your car has enough gas. Other people check the engine's oil level and quality, which is like making sure your car has enough oil so it doesn't break down.

There are also people in the engine department who make sure the engine stays cool by pumping water around it, just like how you cool off on a hot day by jumping into a pool. And there are people who make sure the electricity on the boat is working correctly, which is like making sure the lights and appliances in your house turn on when you flip a switch.

Overall, the engine department is a very important group of people on a boat, making sure everything runs smoothly so the boat can travel safely through the water.