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european congress of ethnic religions

The European Congress of Ethnic Religions is a really big meeting where people who believe in different ways of worshiping gather to talk and share their ideas. Think of it like a big party, but instead of playing games or eating cake, people are talking about how they worship their gods.

In the past, some cultures had their own unique ways of believing and worshiping their gods. For example, ancient Greeks had many gods like Zeus and Apollo, and they would build temples to worship them. The same goes for the Vikings who had Thor and Odin. But a long time ago, many of these ways of worshiping were replaced with newer religions like Christianity or Islam.

Today, some people want to return to these older ways of worshiping and believing. The European Congress of Ethnic Religions is a chance for these people to come together and share their ideas about how they worship. They might talk about how they make offerings to their gods, how they celebrate special holidays or festivals, or how they pray to their gods.

It's important to remember that everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs and ways of worshiping. The Congress is a safe space for people to share their ideas and learn from each other. It's like going to school, but instead of learning math or science, people are learning about different ways of worshiping.