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fetal screening

Fetal screening is like looking into a crystal ball to see if a baby growing in a mommy's belly might have any health problems when it is born. It's like a special check-up for babies before they are born.

Sometimes mommies need to know if the baby growing inside them might have medical problems like Down syndrome or other serious health issues. Fetal screening helps doctors check the baby's health while it's still in the mommy's belly to make sure it's growing up healthy and strong.

To do fetal screening, doctors might use special tests like blood tests, ultrasound machines, and other tools to examine the baby while it's in the mommy's belly. Then, they can give the mommy and daddy more information about the baby's health and how to take care of it when it is born.

Fetal screening helps mommies and daddies prepare for their new baby and make sure it gets the best care possible if it needs extra help.