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finchley central (game)

Okay kiddo, have you ever heard of a game called Finchley Central? No? Well, it's a game where a group of friends pretends they're traveling on a train by going through a special set of actions and noises. It goes like this:

First, someone says "We're going to Finchley Central!" and everyone else on the train (the group of friends) says "Oh yeah!". Then, they all start making the noises of the train by saying "Choo choo!" and pretending to move their arms like the train is moving.

Next, they have to pretend to go through a tunnel by getting quieter and quieter until they all eventually shout "Wheeee!" when they come out the other side.

Then, they pretend to go through a countryside by pointing at things outside the train and saying "Oooh, look at the pretty cows!" or "I see a big red barn!".

Finally, they arrive at Finchley Central and everyone says "Yay, we made it!".

It's just a fun way for friends to use their imagination and pretend they're going on a train journey together. Have fun!