ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

finepix is pro

Okay kiddo, let’s talk about FinePix and what it means to be a “pro”.

FinePix is a brand that makes digital cameras. A camera is a machine that takes pictures. Now, these cameras can be used by regular people, like your family and friends, to take pictures on holidays, birthdays or any other special occasion, but some professional photographers also use them to take really great pictures for their work.

When we say “pro”, we mean professional, which is someone who earns money for doing something they are really good at. Just like how your mom or dad has a job, a professional photographer also has a job taking pictures for magazines, advertisements or special events.

Now, FinePix has a special line of cameras called “FinePix is pro”. These cameras are designed for professional photographers. They have special features that help the photographer take the perfect shot. These cameras can be more expensive than regular cameras, but they are worth the extra money for someone who needs their pictures to look perfect for their job.

So, that's the ELI5 version of "FinePix is pro" - it's a special type of camera brand that helps professional photographers take amazing pictures for their work.