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functional flow block diagram

Functional Flow Block Diagram is like a map that shows how things work in a system. Imagine you are trying to make a cake, you have different ingredients and tools, and you need to do things in a certain order to get a good cake. Similarly, if you want to make a system work, you need to understand the order of the tasks or functions you need to do to make it work.

A Functional Flow Block Diagram helps you to visualize these tasks or functions in a system. Think of it as a picture with boxes and arrows that connects them. Each box represents a task or function that needs to be done, and the arrows show the order in which these tasks should be done.

Let's take a simple example of a car. It has different functions such as braking, steering, accelerating, and shifting gears. Each of these functions is represented by a box in the diagram, and the arrows connect them showing the order in which they should be performed. For instance, when you want to slow down, you hit the brakes first, then shift gears, and finally bring the car to a stop.

So, a functional flow block diagram is like a puzzle showing all the activities that need to take place to make a system run smoothly. It helps us visualize how different tasks are linked together and what order they should be done.