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gabriel lippmann

Gabriel Lippmann was a very smart man who lived a long time ago. He figured out something really cool called the Lippmann Plate. It was a special metal plate with a very thin layer of mercury on it, which was a shiny liquid that looks like silver.

When light shines on the plate, it bounces off the shiny mercury layer and creates little waves inside it. These waves make different colors based on how they bounce around. But instead of just seeing the colors with our eyes, Lippmann used a special camera to capture them.

He used this camera to take pictures of things like pretty flowers and then he looked at the pictures really closely. He could see all of the different colors in the flower that we wouldn't normally see.

This was a BIG discovery and people were very impressed with Lippmann. They even gave him a special prize called the Nobel Prize for figuring out how to make these amazing pictures.