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general secretary of the communist party of vietnam

Imagine you have a big family, but instead of calling them Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister, you call them all by a special name like "the Nguyen family." Now imagine that this family runs a country called Vietnam. The person who is in charge of this family and the country is called the General Secretary.

But this is not an ordinary family. It's a special kind of family called the Communist Party. This means that everyone in the Nguyen family believes in a special way of doing things where everyone shares everything and everyone is equal. The General Secretary is the leader of this special family and they make sure that everyone is following this way of doing things.

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam is a very important person because they are in charge of making all the big decisions for the family and the country. This includes things like how money is spent, laws that need to be made, and how things are run. They make decisions with the help of other important people in the family called Politburo members.

The General Secretary is chosen by other important people in the family, like the Politburo members. They choose someone who they believe will be the best leader and will follow the special way of doing things that the Communist Party believes in. The person who is chosen becomes the leader of the Nguyen family and the country until they retire or until the Politburo members choose a new leader.
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