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gold leaf

Gold leaf is very thin pieces of shiny gold that are pounded and flattened into really, really thin sheets. Think of it like a super-thin piece of aluminum foil you might use in the kitchen, but way, way thinner.

People use gold leaf to make things look fancy and expensive because gold is a valuable metal that has been treasured for thousands of years. You might see it on important documents, picture frames, statues, or even on fancy desserts.

To use gold leaf, you need to be very careful because it's delicate and can easily break apart. People use special brushes and tools to carefully place the gold leaf onto whatever they want to decorate. They might even use a special glue called "size" to make sure it sticks in place.

Overall, gold leaf is really special because it adds an extra touch of luxury and elegance to whatever it's used on. But it's also delicate and requires a lot of care to use!
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