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grammarians' war

So, some people really like grammar and they study it a lot. These people are called grammarians. They like to argue about how words should be used and how sentences should be constructed.

Sometimes, these grammarians disagree with each other about what is correct grammar. They get into big arguments and start a war of words! It's like when you and your friend argue about which game to play, but with fancier words.

Some grammarians say that there are strict rules for how words should be used, like always using "whom" instead of "who" when it's the object of a sentence. Other grammarians say that language is always changing and we should be more flexible with the rules.

These arguments can get very intense and last a long time. But at the end of the day, it's important to remember that both sides love language and just want to make sure it's being used the best way possible.