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Okay, kiddo, have you ever seen a Japanese style sweet called Harisen before? No? Well, in Japan, they make a sweet treat that looks like a round, flat pancake called Harisen. It's made from rice flour, sugar, and water, and then fried until it's crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

But, did you know that Harisen is also the name of something else in Japan? It's actually a tool that people use during the summer to cool off. It's like a fan, but instead of being made of paper or cloth, it's made with a paper-thin piece of wood. When you wave the Harisen back and forth really fast, it makes a loud clapping noise, just like when you clap your hands!

So, when it's hot and humid in Japan during the summer, people use the Harisen to cool themselves off while they're outside. They can also double as toys because they make such a fun noise when you clap them! So, just remember that Harisen can be a sweet treat to eat or a fun tool to cool off with on a hot summer day!
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