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hercules in popular culture

Okay kiddo, do you remember hearing about a really strong and powerful hero named Hercules? He's a character from ancient Greek mythology, which is basically like old stories about the gods and heroes they believed in.

Well, even though he was created a looong time ago, Hercules is still really famous today and lots of people have used his story in all kinds of movies, TV shows, comics, and other things we call "popular culture."

Sometimes people make movies where a guy who looks like Hercules goes on adventures and fights monsters, just like in the old stories. Other times, they might use his name or mention him in a song or book or something. Basically, Hercules is such a famous character that people just like using him in different ways as part of their own stories.

There are even Disney movies and cartoons with Hercules in them! They've made him super popular with kids like you. So, even though Hercules comes from really old stories, he's still a big part of our culture today and lots of people still think he's really cool.
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