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hindus by district in india

Okay kiddo, so there are a lot of people who live in India, right? And some of those people follow a religion called Hinduism. Now, these Hindus don't live all over India the same way. Instead, they live in different areas called districts.

So, imagine India is a big puzzle with many pieces. Each piece is a district where lots of Hindus live. And just like how each puzzle piece looks different, each district also has its own unique features like culture, food, and traditions.

Some districts have lots of Hindus, like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Other districts, like Nagaland and Mizoram, may not have as many Hindus. So, depending on where you go in India, you might see more or fewer Hindus depending on the district.

But no matter which district you go to, Hindus always have their own special things they do to practice their religion. It's all part of their culture and identity as Hindus living in India.

Does that clear things up for you, kiddo?