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how an eye works?

Your eyes are like tiny cameras! They figure out what's in front of you and send pictures to your brain. Inside your eye are a bunch of different parts that help it work.

At the front is the lens. It's like a magnifying glass that bends light. The light comes into the eye and lands on the back, which is called the retina. The retina is like the film inside a camera. It's made of special cells that help keep track of light and dark in your vision.

The retina also sends the messages to the brain, so it can figure out what you're looking at. There's also a part inside your eye called the pupil. It's like a window - when it gets bigger, it lets in more light, so you can see in darker places.

On the outside of your eye is the cornea. It's like a clear shield that helps protect the lens and your eye.

That's basically how your eye works! It's really cool how it all works together to give you your vision!