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how does an airplane work

An airplane is a big machine that can fly through the air like a bird. It has wings, engines, and many other parts that help it to stay in the air. The wings of the airplane are shaped like an airfoil, which means they curve around the top and bottom like a banana. This shape helps the airplane to move more easily though the air.

The engines of an airplane help it to move forward. The engines pull in air and mix it with fuel to make tiny explosions, which push the airplane forward. When the engine pushes enough air it makes the airplane lift up off the ground and fly through the air.

When air rushes over the wings of the airplane it creates lift. Lift is a force that pushes the airplane up and allows it to stay in the air. Lift is what keeps the airplane from falling back to the ground.

The controls of the airplane also help to keep it in the air. The pilot can use the yoke and pedals to turn the airplane left and right and to make it climb and descend. They can also use the controls to make the engines go faster and slower.

The wings and engines of the airplane work together to help the airplane stay in the air. The wings create lift to keep the airplane up, while the engines create thrust to make it move forward. By using these controls the pilot is able to guide the plane through the sky.