ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

internal audit

Okay kiddo, have you ever heard of a secret inspector? That's what an internal auditor is! It's like having a secret investigator who checks if everything in a company is working properly and following the rules.

Let's say you have a toy store, and you have a lot of toys. You want to make sure that all the toys are working well and that nobody is stealing them. So, you hire someone to be an internal auditor, and their job is to check everything from top to bottom.

First, they will look at all the toys to see if they are working right and nobody has broken them. Then they will look at the cash register to make sure that all the money is being collected and recorded correctly. They will also check if all employees are following the toy store's rules.

After that, the internal auditor will make a report to tell the boss of the toy store what they found. If everything is great, then that's good news! But if there are some problems, the internal auditor can help the boss fix them before they become bigger problems.

So, an internal auditor is like a special agent who helps make sure everything in a company is working as it should be, and nobody is doing anything wrong. They are the toy store's secret inspector!