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internal ballistics

Internal ballistics is all about what happens to a bullet inside a gun when you pull the trigger. Imagine you have a toy car with a spring inside that's wound up tight. When you let go, the spring pushes the car forward. That's kind of what happens in a gun when you pull the trigger - the bullet is like the toy car, and the gunpowder is like the spring.

First, the gunpowder in the bullet gets ignited by a spark. This causes it to burn very quickly, which creates hot gases that take up a lot of space. This buildup of pressure made by the gases in the bullet causes the bullet to shoot out of the gun really fast.

But it's not just the gunpowder burning that causes the bullet to shoot out of the gun. There are other things like the shape of the gun barrel and the type of gunpowder used that can affect the bullet's speed and accuracy.

It's important to understand internal ballistics because it helps gun designers make better guns that shoot accurately and reliably. It also helps hunters and shooters understand how to get the most out of their firearms.