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international folk dance

International folk dance is like a big party where people from different parts of the world get together to dance and have fun. Think of it like when you have a playdate with your friends and you all listen to different types of music and dance around.

But in international folk dance, people do dances that are specific to their countries or regions. For example, people from Russia might do a dance called the Kazatsky, which involves lots of jumping and squatting. Or, people from Mexico might do a dance called the Jarabe Tapatío, which involves colorful costumes and lots of spinning.

People who do international folk dance usually learn the different dances from teachers who are experts in them. They might go to classes or workshops, or they might learn from videos or books.

One of the cool things about international folk dance is that people can learn about different cultures and their traditions. Plus, it's a great way to meet new people and make friends who love to dance!