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international health regulations

International health regulations are rules that countries follow to keep people safe from contagious diseases that could spread easily between countries.

Think about it like this - you know how when someone in your class gets a cold, it's easy for everyone else to get sick too? Well, it's the same way for countries. When there's a disease outbreak in one country, it can quickly spread to other countries if precautions aren't taken.

To prevent this from happening, countries work together to create a set of rules that everyone needs to follow when it comes to health issues. These rules are called international health regulations.

The regulations cover things like how to prevent the spread of diseases, what types of diseases need to be reported to the governments, and how to respond to outbreaks.

For example, if there's an outbreak of a dangerous disease like Ebola in one country, the other countries around it will need to work together to make sure the disease doesn't spread across the border. They might set up checkpoints to screen people coming in and out of the country, or they might work together to get medical supplies and doctors to the affected area.

International health regulations are important because they help keep people safe no matter where they live in the world. By working together, countries can stop diseases from spreading and save lives.