ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

internet information server

Imagine you have a toy box full of different toys, but you want to share them with your friends who live further away. To do this, you could put the toys in a special box that others can access through the internet. This special box is called an Internet Information Server (IIS).

An IIS is like a big toy box for websites. It lives on a computer called a server, which is always connected to the internet. People can put their websites in the IIS toy box, and anyone with internet access can see them.

Just like your toy box has different compartments for different types of toys, an IIS has different "folders" for different types of files that make up a website. For example, there might be a folder for pictures, a folder for videos, and a folder for text documents.

When someone wants to see a website, they type the website's address into their web browser. The browser sends a message to the IIS asking for all the files that make up the website. The IIS sends those files back to the browser, which puts them together like puzzle pieces to create the website that you see on your screen.

In summary, an Internet Information Server is like a big toy box for websites. It lives on a special computer that is always connected to the internet and allows people to store and access their websites.