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interview (journalism)

An interview is when one person talks to another person and asks questions to find out more information about them or a topic they are knowledgeable about. This is often done by reporters, who work for newspapers, magazines, or TV news stations.

Let's say a reporter wants to write an article about a scientist who has made a breakthrough discovery. The reporter might set up an interview with the scientist to ask them questions about their work, how they made their discovery, and what it means for the future.

During the interview, the reporter will take notes or record the conversation so they can remember what was said. They might ask follow-up questions to clarify things or get more information.

After the interview is over, the reporter will take the notes or recording and use it to write their article. They might quote directly from what the scientist said, or summarize their answers in their own words.

The goal of an interview is to get information that will be useful in telling a story or providing insight on a particular topic. It's an important tool for journalists to gather accurate and reliable information.
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