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iris (mythology)

In ancient times, people believed in gods and goddesses who ruled over different aspects of life. One of these gods was named Iris.

Iris was a messenger goddess, which means that she was responsible for delivering messages from one god to another or to mortals (regular people like you and me). She was portrayed as a beautiful woman with wings on her back and a rainbow in her hand.

According to legend, the rainbow was Iris's bridge between the heavens, where the gods lived, and the mortal world. She could walk along the rainbow to deliver messages quickly and efficiently.

Because Iris was so important in delivering messages, she was often associated with the idea of communication, which means the way we talk to other people. People would sometimes pray to Iris to help them speak well or to make sure their message was received correctly by the person they were talking to.

So, in summary, Iris was a messenger goddess who used a rainbow as a bridge to deliver messages between the gods and mortals. She was associated with communication and people would sometimes pray to her for help with their own messages.
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