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is dram cell made of a mosfet transistor?

Okay kiddo, so let's imagine that you have a toy box and you want to put some toys in it. But the toy box is not big enough to hold all the toys. So, you decide to make some boxes within the box to hold different toys. This way, you can fit more toys in the same box.

Similarly, a computer needs something called memory to remember things that it has to do. But the computer can't use just one big memory because it's too slow and too expensive. So, they make smaller memories called DRAM cells to hold small pieces of information.

Now, each DRAM cell is made of a tiny transistor, which is like a tiny switch that can turn on and off. It can remember if it's on or off, depending on the electrical charge that it has.

So, to summarize, a DRAM cell is like a small box that holds information for the computer. And it's made of a tiny transistor that can remember if it's on or off.