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iso/iec 14443

ISO/IEC 14443 is a fancy set of rules that help different electronic devices talk to each other, like when your toy car can talk to your toy remote control. These rules make sure that when the toy car sends a message to the remote control, the message is understood and can be followed.

The ISO/IEC 14443 rules are specifically for technology that uses something called radio-frequency identification, or RFID for short. This is like when you have a barcode on your library book, and the library scanner can read it to check the book out to you.

But instead of barcodes, for ISO/IEC 14443 devices use special chips that have tiny antennas that can send and receive messages wirelessly. These chips are used in things like credit cards, passports, and even some types of public transportation cards.

When you use a credit card, for example, you may have noticed that you don't have to swipe it or insert it into a machine. That's because the card has a tiny RFID chip that sends all your payment information to the machine just by being near it.

But because so many different devices use RFID chips, the ISO/IEC 14443 rules make sure that they all work together smoothly and safely. Think of it like a set of playground rules – everyone knows what they can and can't do, and this helps everyone play together without any problems.