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johannite church

The Johannite Church is like a special club for people who want to be part of a religion called Gnosticism. Gnosticism is a type of religion that believes that you can get closer to God by understanding special secret knowledge.

So, the Johannite Church is a place where people who like this kind of religion can come and worship together. They believe that there are special ways to talk to God and that you can only do it if you know this secret knowledge.

But, not everyone likes this kind of religion, so the Johannite Church is not as well-known as some other churches. It's like a small group of people who like the same things and get together to practice them.

In the Johannite Church, they have special rituals and prayers that they do to connect with God. These rituals are different from other churches but everyone who goes to the Johannite Church thinks they are really important.

Overall, the Johannite Church is a place where people who believe in Gnosticism can come together, share their beliefs, and worship God in their own special way.