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john xiv of constantinople

Okay kiddo, so long ago there was a man named John XIV who was the Patriarch of Constantinople. Constantinople was a big city in the Eastern part of the world, where many people worshipped God in a different way than we do now. John XIV was like a leader for these people, kind of like a pastor.

Now, John XIV had a very important role. He was responsible for making sure that the people in Constantinople followed the correct rules and practices when they worshipped God. But, there were some disagreements among the people on certain rules, and this led to a big argument about how they should worship God.

One of the main disagreements was between John XIV and another leader named Cyril, who had a different idea on how to worship God. Cyril accused John XIV of not following the correct practices and he was removed from his position as a result.

It was a big controversy and people started taking sides, some siding with John XIV and others with Cyril. Eventually, John XIV was restored to his position by the emperor, but the controversy continued, causing a divide among the people and their beliefs.

In the end, John XIV continued to lead the people of Constantinople and uphold their beliefs, but the controversy and disagreements among the people remained a part of their history.