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judiciary of russia

The judiciary is like the referee in a game. They make sure the rules are followed and decide who wins or loses. In Russia, the judiciary is the group of people who make decisions about legal cases. This includes judges, lawyers, and other people who work in the courts.

But sometimes, people in powerful positions can try to influence the judiciary in their favor, which is not fair. This can be a problem in Russia, where the government has a lot of control over the judiciary. So, sometimes, people don't trust the courts to be fair and impartial.

However, there are also judges and lawyers in Russia who are working hard to make sure that the courts are fair and independent. They want to make sure that everyone is treated equally under the law, no matter who they are or who they know.

Overall, the judiciary of Russia is an important part of the legal system. While there are concerns about its independence, there are also people working to improve it and ensure that justice is served fairly.