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legal biography

Okay, kiddo, let me tell you about legal biography. You know how when you're learning about someone important, you might read a book about their life? Well, legal biography is like that, but it's about someone who was involved in the law.

Sometimes, people who study law (like lawyers or judges) become really well-known for their work. People might want to know more about their lives, not just what they did in court. That's where legal biography comes in.

Writing a legal biography means that someone has done a lot of research to learn about that person's life, not just their work in the legal field. They might talk to people who knew that person, read their letters or diaries, and even look at old pictures or video footage.

By learning about their life, we can understand better why that person made the decisions they did and how they became so good at what they did. It's like putting together a puzzle to see the bigger picture.

So, legal biography is a way to learn more about important people in the legal field and understand how they got to where they are. It's like reading a really cool story about someone's life, but with a focus on their work in law.
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