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link-centric preferential attachment

Hi there! Today we are going to talk about link-centric preferential attachment. Let me break it down for you in simpler terms.

Link-centric referential attachment means that when new nodes or people join a network, they are more likely to connect or link to nodes that are already popular or have many links.

Think of it like a playground. The popular kids already have many friends or links, so when a new kid joins the playground, they are more likely to want to be friends or link with the popular kids rather than the ones who don't have many friends.

So the new kid links to the popular ones, then as time goes on, even more new kids will come to the playground and they will also be more likely to link to the popular kids. This creates a chain reaction, and the popular kids keep getting more popular!

This idea can be applied to many things, not just playgrounds. For example, it can be used to explain why some websites or social media accounts get more followers and links than others.

So in summary, link-centric preferential attachment is when new nodes or people in a network are more likely to link to already popular nodes, which can result in the popular ones becoming even more popular over time. I hope this makes sense to you!
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