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mandombe script

Mandombe script is one type of writing that looks a bit like drawings. When we want to write something in our language, we usually use letters that we put together to make words. The Mandombe script uses shapes called characters instead of letters.

There are about 150 of these characters that have different meanings. Each character is made up of lines and shapes that are put together in a special way. It's like playing with blocks, but the blocks have different shapes and you use them to make words instead of building buildings.

This type of writing is really cool because it was made by a man named Wabeladio Payi in the 1970s. He created it because he wanted to have a writing system that could be used by people in his African country called Congo.

Now, people all over the world are starting to learn this writing system and use it to write in different languages. It's great because it helps people to communicate and share their stories even if they speak different languages. Pretty neat, huh?