ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Well hello there, little one! Today I'm going to tell you about something called metarealism. Are you ready?

Metarealism is a word that we use to describe a way of making art. When people make art, they try to make it look like something real, like a person, or a tree, or a flower. But with metarealism, the artist tries to make their artwork look like it's not just a picture, but like it's something that's come to life or that you could actually touch.

It's kind of like when you look at a picture of a tree and you can tell it's a picture, but if you looked at a metarealist painting of a tree, it might look like you could reach out and touch the leaves. The artist might make the tree look like it's really there in front of you or like it's sticking out of the painting.

Some metarealist artists use special techniques to create these kinds of illusions. For example, they might paint shadows and highlights on objects to make them look 3D, or they might use really bright colors to make something stand out.

Metarealism isn't just limited to painting, though. People can make sculptures, pictures, or even videos that use metarealist techniques.

So that's what metarealism is, little one. It's a way to create art that looks super real or like it's really there in front of you. Pretty cool, huh?