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metrication in guatemala

Okay kiddo, so metrication is basically about using the metric system in a country. The metric system is a way of measuring things like weight, length, and volume using units that are all based on the number ten. So it's easier to use and understand than other measuring systems.

In Guatemala, they are trying to change from using their old measuring system to the metric system. This can be a big change because people have to learn all new ways of measuring things.

For example, instead of measuring weight in pounds, they will start using grams and kilograms. And instead of measuring length in feet or inches, they will use meters and centimeters. It might take some time for people to get used to it, but it will make things simpler in the long run.

The goal of metrication is to make it easier for people from different countries to understand each other's measurements. That way, when someone in Guatemala says something weighs 1 kilogram, someone in the United States will know that it's about 2.2 pounds.

So metrication is just about using the metric system of measuring things. It's a good thing because it makes communication and understanding between different countries much easier.