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Alright kiddo, so have you ever looked up at the sky at night and seen all the stars? Well, sometimes little tiny rocks called micrometeoroids fall from space and enter Earth's atmosphere.

These micrometeoroids are really small, like the size of a grain of sand, and they come from comets and asteroids in space. They move really fast, like faster than a bullet, and when they hit the Earth's atmosphere, they create a bright flash of light in the sky called a shooting star.

Now, because they are so small, they usually burn up in the atmosphere and you never see them hit the ground. But sometimes, they are big enough to survive the fiery trip and make it all the way to the ground. When they do hit the ground, they are called meteorites.

So micrometeoroids are basically tiny rocks from space that create shooting stars in the sky and sometimes make it all the way to Earth to become meteorites. Cool, huh?
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