ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Hello there little one! Mindgeek is like a big toy box that has lots and lots of different toys in it. But instead of toys, it has different websites where people can watch videos and pictures of grown-ups doing things. These websites are called adult entertainment websites or porn websites.

Mindgeek is the big company that owns and runs a lot of these adult entertainment websites. Just like how your mom and dad are in charge of your toys and make sure they are safe and clean, Mindgeek is in charge of the websites to make sure everything is working properly and everyone is being safe.

Mindgeek is very, very big! It has lots of workers and customers all over the world. Some people really like the things they see on Mindgeek's websites and visit them often. Other people don't like what they see and don't visit them. Just like how you might not like some of the toys in your toy box but your friend might love them.

It is important to know that while Mindgeek's websites are for grown-ups only, it is still important to be respectful and safe when visiting them. Just like how you should be respectful with your toys and share nicely with others.

I hope that helps explain Mindgeek in a way that you can understand!