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mosaics of delos

Okay kiddo, let's talk about mosaics of Delos. Delos is an island in Greece where people used to live a long time ago. These people were very good at making beautiful pictures using small pieces of stone, glass, and other things. These pictures are called mosaics.

You see, a mosaic is like a puzzle. Imagine you have a picture and you cut it into many tiny pieces. Then, you take these pieces and put them back together to make the picture again. That's what people did with mosaics.

Now, the people who lived in Delos thousands of years ago made these mosaics on the floors of their houses. They made pictures of animals, people, and even patterns that looked like flowers or leaves. They used lots of different colors to make these pictures very pretty.

Some of these mosaics are still there today, and people can go and see them. They are very old, but they still look very beautiful. So next time you visit Greece, maybe you can go to Delos and see these amazing mosaics for yourself!