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musha shugyō

Musha shugyō is kind of like going on a really cool adventure to become a super strong warrior! Just like how you practice and learn new things to become better at playing a video game, musha shugyō is all about training and traveling to different places to become a better fighter.

Imagine you want to learn how to be a superhero. You might travel to different cities and countries to train with other superheroes and learn new skills from them. That's what musha shugyō is all about!

In the olden days in Japan, samurais would go on musha shugyō to learn new techniques, gain experience, and prove themselves as warriors. They would set out on long journeys, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with other samurais, and sometimes just with their swords and armor.

During their travels, they would train and spar with other warriors, go to different schools and dojos to learn new fighting styles, and even sometimes have to fight real battles to protect themselves or others.

It was a really hard and dangerous journey, but samurais believed that going on musha shugyō would help them become better warriors and more honorable people.

So, musha shugyō is all about going on an adventure to become stronger, learn new things, and become a really cool and skilled warrior!