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A musician is someone who makes music using their voice or an instrument. Think of music like a yummy cake, and the musician is the person that bakes the cake. Different types of musicians use different instruments to make their music – some use a piano or guitar, others use drums or saxophones, and some use their own voice to sing.

To be a musician, you need to practice a lot to get good at playing your instrument or singing. It's like when you learn to draw or ride a bike, you need to practice a lot to get better. Once a musician gets really good at playing an instrument or singing, they may start making songs on their own or play with other musicians to make music together.

Musicians can play lots of different types of music like classical, rock, pop, country, jazz, and lots more. They make music to entertain people and make them feel happy or sad. When you listen to a song you really like, it's because the musician has done a great job of making it sound amazing.

Sometimes, musicians play their music in front of an audience, and people will come to listen to them play. It's like when you want to show your family or friends something that you've learned or made, musicians want to show their music to people and share their talents with the world.
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