ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

naval warfare

Naval warfare is like playing with toy boats in the bathtub, but with real boats and in a big ocean. Just like how you can imagine different types of toys like sailboats, speedboats, and submarines, there are different types of ships in the navy like aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines.

When countries go to war with each other, they use their navy to protect their own country and attack the enemy's country. It's like a big game of hide-and-seek, where each country tries to find the other's ships and destroy them before they can do any harm.

The ships in the navy have guns and missiles to attack the other country's ships. Sometimes they even have airplanes on their ships to help them find and attack the enemy ships from the sky.

The navy also helps protect their own country's ports and coasts from enemy attacks. They use special sensors to detect if any enemy ships or submarines are nearby and send their own ships and helicopters to investigate and neutralize any threats.

It's important for countries to have a strong navy because it helps keep them safe and protects their citizens. Just like how you play with your toy boats to have fun, the navy uses their ships to protect their country and make sure everyone is safe.