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night in paintings (eastern art)

When the sun goes down and it's dark outside, we call it "nighttime", right? Well, sometimes artists like to paint pictures of what nighttime looks like. In Eastern art, nighttime is often depicted in special ways.

Firstly, the colors used in Eastern paintings of night are usually very dark and rich, like black, navy blue, and deep purple. This helps create a feeling of shadow and mystery.

Also, instead of showing everything in clear detail like they would during the day, artists use something called "suggestion". This means that they only show part of an object or person, so you can imagine the rest yourself.

Another thing that Eastern artists do in night paintings is use things like lanterns or fireflies to light up the scene. This makes the painting look magical and dreamy.

Lastly, Eastern night paintings often have a lot of things going on in the background, like stars or mountains. This makes the paintings look like they have a lot of depth and detail.

Overall, Eastern night paintings show us what the world looks like when we can't see everything clearly, and there's a sense of mystery and wonder to everything.