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pawn (chess)

In chess, a 'pawn' is one of the smallest and weakest pieces on the board. It is usually represented by a small, short, round piece that is usually made of wood or plastic. Pawns are the first line of defense for a player and are placed in front of the stronger pieces like the knights, bishops, queen, and king.

Pawns move across the board in a very specific way. They can only move one space forward at a time, except for their first move, where they can also move two spaces forward. They can only take other pieces by moving diagonally, but only one space at a time.

Pawns are important because they can be used to control specific parts of the board and limit the movement of the other player's pieces. Additionally, if a pawn reaches the other end of the board, the player can choose to promote it to a stronger piece like a queen, rook, bishop, or knight.

Overall, while they may seem like insignificant pieces, pawns have a strategic importance in the game of chess and can greatly affect the outcome of the game.
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