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persian miniature

So, let's imagine you were living in a really long time ago in a place called Persia, which is now called Iran. People back then loved art and wanted to make beautiful pictures to show how important and great their country was.

They decided to make these really tiny pictures, much smaller than ones we're used to seeing today. They called them "Persian miniatures."

To make these tiny, detailed pictures, people used special brushes made from really thin animal hair. They also used super small paintbrushes and ink made from special materials.

The painters would paint on really thin paper that had been treated to make it smooth and durable. They would use bright, vivid colors to create the scene or character they wanted to show.

They made the characters, like kings or heroes, look really special and important by painting them with bright colors and adding gold details. They also liked to paint beautiful flowers, trees or other objects in the background to make the picture look more lifelike.

The Persian miniature art continued for many years, and people still love it today because of how beautiful and amazing it looks.
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