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pet name

A pet name is a special name that people give to animals that they care about, like their pets. It is kind of like when your parents call you a nickname, like "buddy" or "sweetie."

For example, if you have a puppy named Max, you might call him "Maxie" or "Maximus" as a pet name because it sounds cute and shows that you have a special bond with him.

Pet names can also be based on the animal's personality, physical appearance, or breed. For instance, if you have a big, friendly golden retriever, you may call him "Buddy" or "Bear" because he looks like a big friendly bear.

Sometimes pet names can be a little silly, but they're always used with love and affection. So if you hear someone calling their pet a different name than their given name, don't worry, it's just a pet name and it means they love their animal very much!
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