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political union

Alright kiddo, today we are going to talk about political unions.

Imagine you and your friends want to play together but you all have different toys and rules for the game. So, you decide to make some rules everyone can follow to make playing easier and more fun. That's like how different countries in the world formed a political union, which means they agreed to work together and make rules for everyone to follow.

It's like a big club where countries can get together and have meetings to make decisions that affect everyone, such as trade, immigration, and security. Just like how you and your friends vote to decide which game to play, the leaders of each country talk and vote to decide what rules to make for everyone.

The most famous political union is the European Union (EU). It's like a big family made up of 27 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The EU has its own currency called the Euro, and people can travel and work freely between countries. The leaders of the EU also work together to make sure the economy is strong, the environment is clean, and everyone is safe.

So, that's what a political union is, accepting and sharing some decisions, making rules for everyone and making life easier and more fun!
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