ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5

polyphase coil

Okay kiddo, imagine a very long piece of wire. When we pass some electricity through it, it creates a magnetic field around it. This magnetic field can be used to do a lot of cool things, like power machines or light up our homes.

Now, sometimes we need to generate a lot of electricity and this long piece of wire might not be enough. So, we use multiple wires wrapped around each other to create something called a coil. This coil can generate a stronger magnetic field and help us generate more electricity.

Polyphase coil means that we have multiple coils wrapped around each other, but each one is slightly different. It's like having three different long pieces of wire wrapped around each other, but they are all connected in a special way. This way, they can generate even more electricity and be more efficient.

Think of it like having three friends helping you lift a heavy box. Each friend is slightly different in strength and technique, but when they work together, they can lift the box much easier than if they worked alone. Similarly, in a polyphase coil, each coil helps the other to generate more electricity and do more work.