ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5


Okay kiddo, imagine you are playing with Legos and you have a bunch of Legos of different shapes and sizes. Now, let's say you want to make a really cool castle or spaceship, but you don't have enough of the right pieces to build it. So what do you do? You might start looking around for other types of Legos that you can use to fill in the gaps.

This is kind of like what builders and engineers do when they make concrete. Concrete is a mixture of different ingredients - usually cement, sand, and gravel - that are mixed together with water to make a strong, hard material. But sometimes they want to make special types of concrete that have certain qualities, like being more durable or resistant to water or chemicals. However, just like you with your Legos, they might not have all the right ingredients they need to make this special concrete.

This is where pozzolan comes in. Pozzolan is another type of material that they can mix with the cement in the concrete to help give it these special properties. Think of it like a special kind of Lego that they can add to the mix to make the concrete stronger or more durable.

Pozzolan is usually made from materials like volcanic ash or certain types of clay, and it has some special chemical properties that make it really useful in concrete. For example, it can help to make the concrete more resistant to cracking and shrinking over time, or it can help to make it more resistant to acids or other harmful substances.

So when builders or engineers want to make a really special type of concrete, they might add some pozzolan to the mix to help give it these special properties. And just like with your Legos, by adding different types of materials to the mix, they can create all kinds of different types of concrete that are perfect for different types of projects. Cool, huh?