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praxis (orthodox)

Okay kiddo, so you know how sometimes we have certain beliefs and practices that we follow in our religion? Well, in the Orthodox faith, there's a special word we use called "praxis" which means the way we practice our beliefs.

Just like how we have rules at school or at home that we need to follow, Orthodox Christians have certain rules and ways of doing things that help us show our love and devotion to God. These practices can include things like praying, fasting, going to church, and receiving Holy Communion.

It's kind of like a game where we have to follow the rules to win. Except in this case, we're not just playing a game, we're trying to have a strong and faithful relationship with God. So following these practices, or praxis, helps us do that.

Overall, praxis is just a fancy word for the way we practice our beliefs as Orthodox Christians. It helps us stay close to God and show our love and devotion to Him.